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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

  • How much does it cost to sanitize and disinfect my home or business?
    Protecting your family, coworkers and employees is probably more affordable than you think. To sanitize and disinfect your family’s home or your workplace usually runs only about 5 cents per square foot. So, a 2000 sf space only costs around $100 to have professionally treated. There are additional discounts for regularly-scheduled service, for seniors, and COVID-19 victims. Please inquire.
  • Does your service and products kill germs and viruses including Coronavirus?
    Yes, It’s Sanitized!™ utilizes Earthsafe PURTABS NaDCC/Hypochlorous acid (HOCL). HOCL kills 99.999% of germs and viruses including Coronavirus in less than five minutes (click here to see complete Kill Claims). This thorough and quick disinfecting means almost no downtime for you!
  • How is your service different from others cleaning services?
    We are not a traditional cleaning service; we are a Sanitizing and Disinfecting Service. You should continue to "clean" your facility in a regular manner to remove dirt and debris. It’s Sanitized!™ utilizes hospital-grade disinfectants that are applied using state-of-the-art Electrostatic Sprayers to completely kill 99.999% of remaining bacteria and viruses. This delivery technology is fast, efficient, affordable and extremely thorough. This no-touch process sanitizes and disinfects ALL surfaces in a 360-degree fashion, making your entire home or business safe and sanitized within minutes of application. See our HOW IT WORKS page for more details.
  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    We would love to make your home or workplace safe and disinfected! Please Contact Us and you can say It’s Sanitized!™
  • Are your sanitizing solutions safe for my family and pets?
    It’s Sanitized!™ utilizes Earthsafe PURTABS NaDCC/Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). HOCL is super effective at killing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses within one minute, but are super safe for you, your family, and your coworkers and customers. Please see ProTabs SDS Sheet here.
  • Once treated, how long will the disinfecting "power" last?"
    The Earthsafe PURTABS (HOCL) that we utilize have a long lasting anti-microbial affect that lasts four times longer than bleach. Unlike bleach and all other hypochlorites, this product possesses a reserve killing power that continues to be made available even after contact with organic soils. Bleach immediately releases all of the HOCL and has no residual to address organic soil, rapidly becoming deactivated on contact with organic soils. That being said, once we disenfect your facitlity it will eventually get infected again as surfaces are exposed to organisms and viruses. Proper disinfection should be part of your daily routine for high-touch items, and profession disinfection by It's Sanitized should be scheduled on a regular basis (weekly, monthly or quarterly - depending on exposure). To learn more, read PURTABS Technical And Efficacy Data Sheet.
  • How long does it take to sanitize my space?
    It’s Sanitized!™ can sanitize and disinfect most homes and average-size workplaces in less than one hour (5000 sf or less). You may re-enter the space in just 15 minutes thereafter.
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