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How It’s Sanitized!™ For You!” 

Why Choose It's Sanitized! as your Sanitizing & Disinfecting Service Provider? Because Our Process is FAST, EFFICIENT and AFFORDABLE!

It’s Sanitized!™ uses Electrostatic Sprayers that utilize electrostatic technology to give superior spray coverage of a hospital-grade disinfectant. But just what is “electrostatic” technology?

At the tip of the Electrostatic Sprayer’s nozzle is a tiny electrode which applies an electrical charge to the sprayed disinfectant. This electrical charging causes a natural force of attraction between the spray droplets and target surface - similar to the static attraction between items of clothing created by the tumbling of a clothes dryer. The charge on the droplets is small, but the force pulling the spray towards the target is up to 75 times greater than the force of gravity. Droplets literally reverse direction and move upwards, against gravity, when passing a target surface. This remarkable phenomenon by which the spray coats the undersides and the backsides of the spray target is known as electrostatic “wraparound.” 

In practical terms, this means the It’s Sanitized!™ spray reaches the underside, the back side, and nooks or crevasses of the targeted surfaces.


Compared to traditional spray and wipe sanitizing techniques, electrostatic spraying by It’s Sanitized!™ is 70% more effective at disinfecting hard to reach contact surfaces.

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